Primary Trend And Second Trend Dow Theory

primary trendThe Primary Trend And Dow Theory

Primary trend is general course of the marketplace and is  longest enduring tendency. Often, trend lasts for years. It actions up and down with the financial cycles; hence, it’s far the maximum predictable. The primary trend is also usually an uptrend or a downtrend; it is never a sideways trend. A sideways trend is secondary and transient.
The primary trend in a bull marketplace characterized by using three phases. In the first phase, buyers are buying because of the cheap costs that resulted from the finishing bear market.
The 2d section starts when the economy prospers and as it does, groups advantage and begin reporting elevated income. This entices greater inventory buying, elevating the marketplace better.
As the marketplace rises ever higher, even human beings who have never traded earlier than take notice. Speculation makes up the third section.
They listen to the richest that their buddies are making, and, they, too, start shopping for, propelling the marketplace ever better—a lot better than may justify with the aid of fundamentals—until the marketplace can go no higher, because each person has invested; all and sundry has borrowed to the hilt to make the most of the rising market.
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Primary Trend On Bear Market

The primary trend in a undergo market starts as markets decline. In the 1st segment of a endure market, humans get nerve racking, especially individuals who sold at the top and all people who borrowed money to make a large earning.
They sell, the market declines similarly. They go through losses so they reduce lower back on spending.
In the 2d section of the bear market, it speeds up selling because businesses go through—reduced earnings, losses from commercial enterprise investments.
As these poor reviews come out, humans sell, and the market declines even further.
Finally, within the third section of the marketplace, the market has declined a lot that human beings promote out of depression, or it may force them to liquidate their leveraged holdings, causing a further decline in fee. Sounds like the Credit Crisis of 2008 and 2009!

The Secondary Trend after Primary Trend

The primary trend is the general route for charges, but it isn’t the best path. The marketplace will frequently move in the contrary route—a retardment—for a length of many weeks to possibly several months as buyers take profits while there may be little information to propel the marketplace higher.
This is the secondary trend, that’s a price movement inside the opposite route of the primary trend and over a shorter period.
Because of its unpredictability and a shorter time frame, Dow believed it turned into volatile to profit from the secondary trend.

The Minor Trend

The minor developments of the market are the everyday and weekly fluctuations that result from the imbalance of delivery and call for over quick intervals of time.
Since the instant supply demand equilibrium is not possible to predict, Dow theorists taken into consideration minor trend plays as being too volatile.
Charles Dow introduced every other concept crucial to technical analysis—confirmation.
Dow had created some other index of railroads, which subsequently become the Dow Jones Transportation Average.
Railroads transported the bulk of materials in his day; way of the kingdom of the railroad industry can gauge the country of the economy.
If the railroad industry become doing nicely, then commercial enterprise was doing well.
Increased transportation supposed not simplest elevated business for railroads, but additionally for maximum other agencies; in any other case, there could fewer transported goods.
This comports with innovative economics—widespread economics affects all agencies, and, the economic markets.
So, if both indexes reversed trend, then this become a terrific confirmation that the number one trend was reversed and that the reversal turned into now not only a secondary or minor trend.

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