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The EUR index FX charts shows it to concentrate the potential on higher pools of liquidity after the abrupt reversal on Friday. There are some bullish additives permitting to sustain this view. Testing First, the price movement itself (bullish outdoor day) engulfing the remaining weekly range.

Next, the aggregated tick volume at the present day swings low portrays a display of bad commitment through sellers.

Also word, the liquidity to have at the lowest facet changed into grabbed via the second one week of Nov – no longer there – blended with a 100% measured pass, a place wherein a fashion reversal might also play out.

The GBP index remains in bullish price shipping dynamics with each day structure backing up this premise, as is the fact that the modern-day swing low found equilibrium on the 50% retracement, which validates the belief of a marketplace symmetries for an eventual comply with up continuation.

The small body candles in the final days additionally suggestions a select up in vols come Mon/Tues. If the bullish situation plays out, I am looking at a leg in the song of 1.3-1.4%.

Index Fx Charts 2

The USD Index FX Charts

Is susceptible to a reversal backpedal as the price poked unsuccessfully into a place wealthy in liquidity where purchase stops in USD pairs could locate earlier than institutional pastime at an order block in a yellow rectangle tested and promote strain kicked in.

Notice the rejection happens on the 50% equilibrium vicinity from the closing swing low extension, which makes this a perfect vicinity to get a clean sell-aspect campaign within the USD underway.

Also observe, the grinding upward trajectory over the past week was on tapering shopping for quantity (bearish signal).

The CAD index FX Charts faces bearish possibilities from an order float perspective as the beginning of a delivery vicinity is now being labored out.

I am waiting for this bracketed imbalance place eventually bring about the fee taken backtrack to breach the double backside, a good way to offer the liquidity pool essential for the smart money to discover sufficient counter-parties to close shorts.

Besides, the transition from low into the delivery region has come on a tapering of extent too (bearish).

Remember, we can have the BOC coverage decision performing as a charge shaker on Wed.

The NZD Index FX Charts

Shows that its direction of least resistance is surely to the upside with room for some other 0.5% appreciation till confluence will act as an approaching technical roadblock to a maximum possibly deprive customers from further upside extensions.

Until this topside point of interest comes into contact, the rhythmic traction of this marketplace screams purchase on dips.

The AUD index is missing the technical credence to show bullish although the sentiment has turned extra constructive following the fantastic information out of China.

The index is at the decrease quit of its large daily variety with liquidity made have to the downside as in step with the double backside in Oct.

The next directional bias will set via the RBA, that can act as an excuse to grab the downside liquidity before shorts start a distribution period by final shorts.

The JPY index is on the brink of breaking through the bottom of its range where masses of stops in JPY-associated crosses are probable to be resting.

We find if, my projection is for the new leg down to mature once it reaches an extension of about -1% from the breaking point, a level that could align perfectly with the double backside from May this year.

The CHF index continues marching decrease with speculators most likely to target the liquidity that is living beyond the place of horizontal assist outlined in yellow.

The index has been selling for greater than 2 weeks in a row with little to no signs of existence, therefore why at this degree I wouldn’t a surprise that sellers hold engaging till the vicinity of assist in which a re-assessment will arise.


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