Copper Futures Market Review

Copper futures marketCopper Futures Market

The copper futures market is important because Copper is a noticeably flexible steel that can conduct power and is an essential trace mineral in all living things. It is much less precious than gold or silver in phrases of a fee. The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), where copper contracts are a traded commodity, states that copper is the 1/3 most widely used metallic inside the global. They mine it in massive open pits and Chile and the U.S. Have great reserves of copper that might exhaust in the next 50 years.

Copper Futures Market History 

Although copper is non-precious steel, it’s miles widely used as a commodity to behavior electricity. 

Most of the arena’s electrical and conversation infrastructure depends on the metallic.

In the present-day country of generation, copper is in a regular call for. 

Copper Futures Market Facts 

One of the predominant elements that units copper aside from all different metals is the fact that copper can establish the financial increase of a specific country. 

Whilst the kingdom of the copper enterprise inside a specific us of a is increasing, it could take as a very good sign that the economy of the equal vicinity is expanding. 

Demand for copper has routinely grown in the latest years, consistent with records sited by the World Bureau of Metal Statistics. 

Copper consumption extended through eight percentage in 2010 at some stage in Asia, as an instance. 

The demand has endured to a climb of the arena in recent years. 

Europe is the second biggest copper patron, after China, and slower enterprise activity has had an immediate impact on demand for the metal. 

Copper is the 0.33 most fed on steel in America in the back of iron and aluminum.

Copper futures market 2

Copper Futures Market Trading 

It standardizes copper futures, Trade-traded contracts in which the agreement purchaser agrees to take delivery from the vendor a specific quantity of copper (e.g. 25 tonnes) at a predetermined charge on a future shipping date. 

Investors can alternate Copper futures on the subsequent exchanges:

The London Metal Exchange (LME). Copper ‘A’ Grade futures costs quoted in bucks and cents in step with a metric ton and traded in lot sizes of 25 tonnes (55,116 pounds).

Commodity Exchange: At the COMEX—a member of the CME Group—a standard copper futures settlement represents 25,000 pounds of copper, even as the mini-copper futures represents 12,500 kilos of copper. 

These contracts trade Sunday-Friday between 6:00 p.M. And 5:15 p.M. (CST). This way investors could make a play for about 23 hours every day (there is a 45-minute wreck duration between every day).

Multi-Commodity Exchange: The MCX offers famous alternatives for copper, each a widespread and mini agreement. 

Standard contracts fall in the course of February, April, June, August, and November with contracts representing 1 MT. Mini contracts are 250 kilograms of the economic metal. 

It bases this exchange totally in India.

Below, Copper Futures Contract Specifications:

Contract Symbol Contract Unit Price Quotation
GHG 25,000 lbs cents per pound
Trading Exchange Trading Hours Tick Value
CME COMEX 18:00 – 17:00 (NY) $0.05/lb = $12.50

In the above specs of the Copper Futures Contract, you could see the settlement unit. The tick value and price quotations for a clear buying and selling or transaction in safety mode!


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