SegWit, Litecoin And Bitcoin

litecoin and bitcoinNetworks On Litecoin And Bitcoin 

Litecoin and bitcoin does no longer have a block length hassle. That’s right, and SegWit isn’t only a block scaling answer. I could even say block scaling is just an aspect advantage of SegWit.
The major restore is transaction malleability, which would allow Lightning Networks (LN) to built on a pinnacle of Litecoin. 
And there are a group greater exceptional features of SegWit.
But some people say LN on Bitcoin will kill any motive to apply Litecoin. 
If human beings can do immediate transactions on Bitcoin, why could they use Litecoin?
My intestine experience is this isn’t the case. Even with LN, Bitcoin still can’t provide all and sundry within the international. 
I think the calculation became that at 1MB blocks, LN and SegWit on Bitcoin can service 500M users. 
LN nodes will fee a rate for LN txns going through them and that price may be relative to the Bitcoin network fee.
litecoin and bitcoin 2

Comparing Txns Between Litecoin and Bitcoin

So Bitcoin LN txns will be greater highly price than Litecoin LN txns. It can also make financial feel for an LN txns to move through Litecoin and returned to Bitcoin to get the cheapest charge.
Lightning makes this viable as it lets in the two LN to be inter-operable. I don’t realize that this use case can be within your budget or no longer, however we won’t know till both LNs constructed and strolling.
Think of it being highways: Today, it packs Bitcoin full of cars and Litecoin is empty. 
Even with Bitcoin packed, the motors aren’t coming to apply the Litecoin motorway today as it’s not linked and it’s inconvenient (centralized exchanges and sluggish on-chain transfers) to go throughout.
LN will construct bridges over the highways. But a facet gain is that those bridges will join both highways together. Maybe the bridges on Bitcoin are sufficient such that cars will live on the Bitcoin highway.
My wager is that the convenience and the cheaper tolls on Litecoin motorway will convince cars to move over and use Litecoin. 

Trading Litecoin and Bitcoin Without Risk

Another gain is atomic pass-chain transactions via LN. 
Two customers can change BTC and LTC instantaneous and without a chance. 
Efficient decentralized exchanges are actually viable.
Or what if a merchant accepts simplest BTC however you best have LTC? You can now pay LTC and exchange them right away via an LN change node and ship BTC to the service provider. That’s decentralized shapeshifter.
One ultimate factor I notion of lately is the potential to stability lopsided fee channels on both lightning networks. 
There are possibly thousands and thousands of other cool matters that SegWit and LN open up we have yet scratched the surface of.
Until SegWit, LN, and Confidential Transactions, I didn’t see a want for Litecoin to pop out to help check capabilities earlier than they’re on Bitcoin. 
So I became happy to let Litecoin move on without a lot of development. 
Hence my tweet approximately Litecoin now not wanting development.
But with SegWit and Bitcoin’s modern block scaling impasse, I see a potential for Litecoin to assist Bitcoin destroy via this impasse. 
Litecoin can take a lead and be a tremendous pressure within the cryptocurrency space. 
We have been drafting at the back of the Bitcoin race automobile for decades. It’s approximately time to take a flip out front.
This is my imaginative and prescient for a way Litecoin and Bitcoin will paintings together to remedy the world’s transaction desires in the destiny. 
And it’s far why the Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold analogy constantly resonated with me. Do you want to come alongside for the trip?

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Protection Against Falling Stock Market

falling stock marketStrategies 2,3 and 4 Against Falling Stock Market

If you have got enjoy with fairness options, you ought to have little trouble shifting your information to options on falling stock market and futures. 

Like equity options, futures options permit buyers with pretty much any time horizon and danger appetite to assemble techniques.

In the earlier segment on hedging with futures, we used an example of a $three,000,000 portfolio requiring the sale of approximately 29 futures contracts for safety towards a destructive downward pass.

Another workable opportunity is to hedge the use of options. 

By shopping for 29 put options, you could shield towards a big lower inside the cost of the portfolio, while preserving your profit potential if the marketplace were to rise.

The purchase of puts as a hedge works much like coverage. You virtually buy the number of puts dictated by using the fast futures hedge ratio calculation.

Means of the choice of the strike charge would determine insurance. 

Higher strike puts might be greater luxurious than lower strike charge puts, however the defensive characteristic of better strike puts will become powerful a lot fasts.

The hedger consequently confronted with the choice of how much protection to take on, and at what cost.

falling stock market 2

Strategy 3: Generate additional profits in a stable or Falling Stock Market–writing name Options

The seller of an E-mini S&P 500 name alternative gets charge (the premium) from the consumer of the choice in return for the obligation of taking a short role inside the futures contract at the exercising price if the choice exercised.

The call writer’s hazard is unlimited, whilst the call customer’s risk restricted and the decision writer’s earnings restricted, whilst the decision purchaser’s income are limitless.

The principal cause to put in writing call options is to earn the premium.

In durations of stable or declining markets, call writing can suggest an appealing cash go with the flow from a small capital funding.

Much fairness alternative buyers acquainted with this strategy, that often referred to as a “covered name” position. 

The hope is that, at expiration, the agreement charge of the futures agreement might be at or underneath the workout fee of the choice.

The option will then expire nugatory–and you hold the entire top rate. 

The top class additionally gives constrained protection in opposition to a drop within the futures charge.

The risk is that the futures rate may decline via greater than the top class gained, and the investor may also enjoy a net loss.

Therefore, this isn’t as effective a hedge as the quick futures or lengthy positioned techniques. 

The appeal, however, is that, depending at the strike rate of the offered calls, the dealer may additionally go away room for the underlying shares to an upward thrust in fee without incurring a loss on the hedge.

Strategy 4: Using collars to hedge your portfolio in a Falling Stock Market

Collars–additionally normally referred to as “fences” or “threat reversals”–combine out-of-the-money call writing with the acquisition of put options with a lower exercising fee.

This strategy gives a few disadvantages safety, however additionally reduces some fee related to buying puts as a hedge.

The proceeds since the sale of the decision option will assist offset the fee incurred from buying the placed, and the net out-of-pocket rate will be much less than if the investor had sold put options handiest.

Collars provide a few degrees of portfolio protection at a low price for foregoing some earnings capability from a marketplace pass to the upside.


Stock index futures and options offer investors several investing and trading opportunities–and in a declining or volatile stock marketplace, they’ll a hedging automobile to assist protect the fee of your stock portfolio.

Although many investment experts use complex hedging and arbitrage strategies, even person investors can use stock index futures and options techniques to earnings in hard markets.

This article gives only a few examples of strategies that could permit traders to insulate portfolios against widespread stock market declines.

Like some other funding, it must base the closing decision of whether or a way to include stock index futures into your portfolio totally upon your private goals and hazard tolerance.

But it’s critical to realize that futures and alternatives techniques like the ones defined in this newsletter are to have to character buyers, and in reality, a growing range of brokers these days permit these products to trade along securities–at the equal platform.

Best of all, now that you recognize more approximately hedging with futures and options, you could pass beyond the frequently over-hyped concept of diversification and remember opportunity strategies of portfolio protection.

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Dangers Associated With Stock Market

Stock MarketPotential Dangers In Stock Market

You’ve possibly heard a few of the ability risks associated with the stock market: Volatile electricity charges, tightening credit score situations, slowing monetary boom, inflationary issues, and the possibility of further Fed hobby rate hikes inside the coming months.

As a prudent investor, how will you assist protect the cost of your stock portfolio of durations of uncertainty and heightened market volatility?
Many traders hold to the belief that the simplest answer is diversification. 
While it’s authentic that diversifiable hazard declines rapidly as the size of a portfolio increases, it could not remove.
Some events pose “systemic dangers” and might have an impact across the entire market–a Federal Reserve economic action or a significant geopolitical event, for example.
And eventually, we’ve discovered in recent years that correlations among worldwide stock markets are possibly much stronger than formerly identified—diversifying geographically won’t usually offer meaningful protection.
stock market 2

Introduction to Stock Market Index Futures and Options

One of the more effective—but least understood—techniques for protecting the price of stock investments towards systemic risk is hedging with index futures products.
Holding the suitable variety of E-mini S&P 500, E-mini-Nasdaq 100, Mini-Russell 2000, or different stock index futures or options contracts can help insulate your portfolio fee from market hazard, while the stock marketplace tumbles–profits in your futures or options positions may additionally to a point offset losses suffered in your stock portfolio.

Strategy 1: Hedging with stock Market Index Futures

Want to get greater complex? 
Precise hedge insurance requires a calculation of your portfolio beta—a statistical evaluation of the portfolio’s converting fee over time to the adjustments inside the applicable index price (a portfolio beta of 1.0 suggests that over time the portfolio price has moved in the equal percentage because the index). 
At the same time as a beta of 0.7, for instance, shows that the portfolio price has moved best 70% as far, on average, for each index rate exchange).
Continuing our instance, think you examine your $three,000,000 portfolio statistically against the S&P 500 and calculate a portfolio beta of 1.2. 
To locate the range of contracts for full insurance, divide your portfolio price through the innovative price of the S&P 500 Index, and multiply by the hedge ratio (beta).
Full insurance with futures might require the sale of 29 contracts. 
This would efficiently neutralize the portfolio, so you’d expect neither to advantage nor lose materially on the overall inventory/futures position.
If you later increase or decrease the scale of your portfolio, sincerely recalculate the needed insurance and regulate your hedge hence.
Understand that hedging need not neutralize a whole portfolio—do not forget phasing in a future or options hedge.
You ought to without delay start, say, 50% of the variety of contracts for a complete hedge.
If your situation approximately the direction of the marketplace proves accurate and expenses decline, you could select to boom your insurance, perhaps to 75% of the portfolio price.
When you experience that it poises the market for a restoration, take away the hedge with the aid of phasing it out similar, or by using offsetting the complete role.
You can constantly make changes on this style, depending on how your marketplace outlook changes.
Will be continued in the next post…….

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Interest Rate Futures Explained

interest rate futuresInterest Rate Futures

Interest rate futures are futures contracts based on prices, which can be used to both hedge or speculate on destiny interest rates. Some fee rate futures require the transport of precise styles of bonds, usually authorities bonds, with a minimal term till maturity at the shipping date.

Other interest fee futures are cash settled: the quick role pays, and the lengthy position gets, the interest earned on a notional amount, that is the face value of the contract on the delivery date.

Like bonds, the rates of interest rate futures contracts varies inversely with marketplace interest fees, so better interest quotes will decrease the expenses of interest rate futures, and vice versa.

Government Securities and Interest Rate Futures

Most interest rate futures primarily based on authorities securities and bank deposits, so there is truly no default risk.

Thus, their expenses only stimulated through interest rates. It calculates interest the usage of the banker’s 12 months of 360 days.

The rate of the futures settlement frequently decided through the spot rate of the underlying asset, changed by using the price of delivery, which inside the case of interest rate futures, is the opportunity cost of maintaining the safety as opposed to cash until the transport date minus the interest earned from maintaining the security.

Interest fee futures, along with interest-rate alternatives, interest charge swaps, and ahead rate agreements offer a method for handling interest-rate risk on loans, both rate hazard and reinvestment chance.

The rates of debt securities decline however reinvestment hazard decreases whilst interest rates upward push, and vice versa.

For banks, mainly, loans are normally long term, whilst deposits are quick-term, so interest fee futures are an important device for asset-legal responsibility management.

interest rate futures 2

Interest Rate Futures Variety

There is a huge interest-rate contracts, which characterised as either brief-time period or long-term.

A brief-time period of interest futures has an underlying safety that matures in much less than 1 year; in any other case, it’s far a protracted-term futures contract.

The most popular contract is the Treasury bond futures, wherein the underlying assets are United States Treasury bonds with at the least 15 years to maturity at the shipping date.

Treasury Bond Futures

It trades Treasury bond futures at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), which calls for the shipping of Treasury bonds with over 15 years remaining to adulthood and that is not callable inside the ones 15 years.

The brief role has a choice of any Treasury bond futures that satisfies the change’s necessities for the delivered asset.

We quote Treasury bond future costs as Treasury bond costs. Each agreement has a face price of $one hundred,000, so a $1 exchange in the quoted futures charge is same to a $1000 alternate inside the value of the futures contract.

Delivery is allowable throughout the transport month.

Because bonds issued and retired always, futures contracts do no longer stipulate a particular bond difficulty for shipping.

To allow the greatest flexibility, the fast birthday party can commonly pick from extensive bonds that range in coupon and adulthood, so long as the phrases of the agreement are happy.

The CBOT contracts primarily based on a Treasury bond paying a 6% coupon.

Therefore, the price of the contracts need to adjust through a conversion issue that displays the interest price of long-time period Treasury bonds at the time of the agreement.

The rate got through the short role and the fee paid through the long role relies upon at the conversion element.

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Trending Is Your Friend Until it Bends

trendingTrending is Your Friend

Trending is your friend because seem on all time frames. They appear on a monthly, weekly, and every day charts for lengthy-term buying and selling.

They seem on eight-hour charts all the manner to one-hour charts for day trading and on one-hour charts down to 3 to five-minute charts for scalping.

One of the finest monetary blessings of learning a way to trade currencies is mastering the skill of recognizing a fashion that can close several hours for scalping, many days for day trading, and many months for lengthy-term trading that can create big monetary returns for the skilled and knowledgeable trader.

As you discover ways to change the Forex market, you want to own 3 very simple but vital trading keys:

1. Learning the way to determine market path on any time body
2. Using a simple entry method that works
three. Using a examined go out an approach that always works (that is how you receive a commission)

The Forex marketplace is open 24 hours a day, five ½ days every week. During market hours, you can activate your Internet-connected computer and take a seat to exchange.

While setting aside the time to change is crucial, the most important step of a hit foreign exchange is turning in your charting evaluation software program and determining marketplace direction on any time frame.

The reality of the matter is, if you need to make cash via trading, you may must take a bullish or bearish position, and also you should pick out one. 

You can’t maintain each opposing positions concurrently in a single alternate.

You truly can’t make money taking a bullish and bearish position on the identical time. You might be in a net zero position, making and dropping the identical amount of money with every pip motion.

For this cause, you must pick a side and luckily, because of seen styles inside the marketplace, you could make a knowledgeable choice about which side you would like to be on at that trading second.

People trade consistent with their character. Aggressive people like to scalp, at the same time as passive human beings love long-time period trading in trending way.

Figuring out your trading fashion is very important to do before you change.

However, whether you are a passive trader or an aggressive dealer, you want to decide marketplace direction before you trade.

You need to discover ways to find the present day fashion earlier than you input the marketplace because you want to exchange inside the path of the trend always.

trending 2

Do Not Fight The Trend Because Trending Is Your Friend

Fighting a trend is like looking to swim upstream in violent, forceful rapids. It doesn’t work!

One of the nice ways to market course is to use charting software like MTI 4. Zero Charting software program.

This charting software program comprises an automatic fashion indicator that continues up with the fashion route on any time body for you.

This means that you need not be sitting right in the front of your computer always analyzing charts at all hours because the software will do that for you as you still take care of your other responsibilities.

If you are a lively trader and are the usage of charting software that doesn’t have a moving trend-line indicator, you’ll want to learn the ability of drawing accurate trend-lines.

We use the term correct because many traders assume they are drawing their trend lines correctly simplest to discover later that the trend-lines they used to place their trades have been detrimentally wrong.

Trending Is Your Friend But careful With Incorrect Study

An incorrectly drawn trend line could suggest the distinction between creating wealth on an exchange and dropping money on a change.

Drawing trend lines is an ability that taught and maximum successful buyers flip this skill into an art.

Regardless of the way precise you’re at successfully locating and drawing trend-lines, I suppose it is usually high quality to have an automated trend line from an esteemed charting software program that continuously kept up with the tendencies you want to monitor.

Successful buyers are constantly aware about marketplace movements and that they monitor all uptrend traces on all time frames. Why? Because this motion on smaller time frames will constantly respond to the trend lines on larger time frames.

This manner, if the market is retracing back down toward an upward trend line on a daily chart, that retracement at the daily chart can be a two hundred-pip pass.

A two hundred-pip retracement from each day chart could be a downtrend movement on a 60-minute chart.

If you most effective study the 60-minute chart to do your evaluation, you’ll be in a strong downtrend and your bias will be bearish. You will probably enter the market bearish.

However, the way Murphy’s Law works, you may come into at the end of that 60-minute trend because as quickly as the market from the everyday chart hits its trend line, the 60-minute chart will reverse and rally and you may sit there scratching your head while you lose cash thinking what came about.

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